Our Quest 

aims to be the leading NFT marketplace auction platform for mass adoption on the Binance Smart Chain. Built strategically to incorporate penny auction functions and hyper burning mechanisms. This will enhance the future of NFT investing.

SafePokeman aims to make valuable NFTs accessible to everyone. The penny auction marketplace allows users to purchase bid packages to place $0.01 bids, therefore users will be able to win valuable graded Pokémon NFTs, NFT artwork and cash pool prizes etc, at a fraction of the RRP.

SafePokeman is charity focused. We donate the final sale price of each auction to charities around the world. This means that SafePokeman Token is not making any profit on the auction marketplace.

“We believe a strong community token is nothing without people who give it purpose”

We expect all users whether new or existing to embrace our 3 principles

1: We started with 0 funding, purely a community-based token. Marketing and development funds rely on the 2% Pokenomics. The more we grow through community efforts, the more funds become available.

2: This is our first cryptocurrency project, the team were not founded from an existing community. The team have been built by loyal investors that have been involved with the project since it launched. There are team members from the UK, USA & Canada.

3: Starting from nothing means everyone has to bring something to the table. Help spread the word about SafePokeman Token using social media.


SafePokeman is all about community. We want this project to be accessible to everyone which is why we have translator bots in our official telegram groups so that we can interact with everyone and make sure members are given the right support and advice.

Every Saturday 3pm BST we host an AMA on the official telegram chat unless announced otherwise. We also give the community a chance to brainstorm and share their ideas with the SafePokeman team via voice chat in the official SafePokeman Telegram chat. This will be hosted by the founder and developer Leon Dwyer & community director Andrew Godsey.












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Please only send either of the following: USDT, USDC, BUSD, BNB, CAKE

We asked the community to vote on the exchange they want SafePokeman token to be listed on. The community voted for HotBit.

We had to consider whether HotBit supports tokenomics, as there are a lot of exchanges that do not. With that being said, we believe HotBit is the best exchange for us. It is decentralized, has over 2,000,000 users and growing daily, is a recognised DEX and the site is user friendly. This will help the project and community.

The listing cost is $45K. With the way our market cap currently is, we aren’t able to come up with that amount. We’ve always said we are community oriented and community first. We know that going onto a new exchange will help us rocket! With that said, we are asking for the community’s support to get onto HotBit.

We have set up a donation wallet. Any amount that you can donate will be much appreciated. The sooner we can get onto HotBit, the sooner we will have the moon in our rear view!

We ask for stable coins, because if you send tokens, we have to exchange them, which will negatively affect the value which is already currently down.


Pokémon trademark is owned by The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Co., Ltd. We do not claim to have the rights to the Pokémon names, cards, games, series, or anything tied to the Pokémon name. We are predominantly a grown up Pokeman themed penny auction marketplace designed to auction off custom/royalty free or other Pokémon personal unique related NFT's. All proceed from the final auction will be donated to charities with a wider focus on helping children and the youth. All images on our website are either custom drawn or royalty free from legitimate sources. Safepokeman only auctions off legitimate products. All graded TCG cards are authenticated by PSA & Beckett and are owned by the founder and developer, Leon Dwyer and are stored in a safe in a external location. When the TCG card NFT is won at auction, you only own the NFT version of the card and not the physical asset. SafePokeman will only ever mint one of each card as an NFT and will state its true source of origin. Our artwork is completely custom made from drawing, illustration, rigging, rendering and animation. We also do use several royalty free images.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice or any other advice. SafePokeman team recommends that if you are a citizen in areas with governed bans on crypto not to purchase it because the team cannot ensure compliance with your territories regulations. Always make sure that you are in compliance with your local laws and regulations before you make any purchase. SafePokeman accepts no liability for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any material provided or published.